Sea Witch's Cavern.

Anna of Sea Witch’s Cavern asked us to design a new logo and banner area for her online shop, to support a fresh new marketing campaign. As soon as our new design went live, she started to see an increase in sales.

Sea Witch’s Cavern is an online store selling hand-crafted crystal jewellery. Their original logo needed freshening up, and we were also asked to place the new logo in a re-designed “banner” area.

The store saw an immediate increase in sales when the new logo and banner went live. A few weeks later, we were asked to adjust the colours to create a dark logo on a pale background—a change that was easy and cheap, because of the way we create our graphic designs.

Of course, Sea Witch’s Cavern received all the image components for their new artwork in high resolution and detail, which has enabled them to create their own versions of the banner for other websites and advertisements.

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